Save the badgers

To George Eustice, environment secretary:

The badger cull trial was expanded to 11 new areas in 2020, despite the fact that the slaughtering of badgers over the past seven years hasn’t helped reduce tuberculosis in cows – the very reason why the cull was introduced. 

Research suggests that fewer than 6% of cattle with bovine TB catch it from badgers, and four out of five badgers killed do not test positive for the disease.

The government are expanding their cruel cull even though they said last year that they’re going to phase out the killing of badgers in favour of a vaccine, recognising that badger-killing hasn’t been the success that they were banking on.

How can it make sense to expand a policy which the the government itself admits is failing?

The badger cull is cruel, inhumane and ineffective – and it needs to stop right now.

“Industrial farming methods are responsible for the increase in bovine TB – penning up cattle in tightly packed enclosures leads to rapidly spreading disease.”

Carol-Mary, Derry

“The government needs to stop listening to those with too much land and money and start looking at the evidence – or the lack of it – before they wipe out a protected species.”

Patricia, Hertfordshire

“Why continue this slaughtering? It would be better to spend the money on something else, such as encouraging biodiversity.”

Pamela, Ceredigion

“I do not believe in killing animals. Looking at the research it does not help anyway – the cull is completely pointless and inhumane.”




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