Fund climate action, not war

To: Boris Johnson

The government has announced it is increasing military spending by a huge £16 billion.

Much of this will be spent on an absurd plan for a UK ‘Space Command’ and even laser weapons – huge wastes of money driven by government ego.

And this spending comes just a day after the government pledged less than a quarter of that amount to fight climate change.

Boris Johnson heralded a ‘Green Industrial Revolution’, trying to ‘reset’ his government, but most of the money was not new spending.

Our demand is simple: fund real action on climate change, not military adventures.

Highlighted comments

As a former soldier who has suffered through lack of proper clothing and equipment, this expenditure is indeed an ego trip and totally disproportionate to the UK’s diminished role in the world, particularly after Brexit. We are not a world power and should learn to bond with smaller countries, like those in the EU, to form an affordable and viable defence force.

Brian, Sussex

This government needs to get its priorities right. Billions more spent on our military won’t save our planet!

Louise, Norfolk

Spending £16bn on space defence is an absurdity in the context of the climate crisis. Imagine what could be done if £16bn was invested in cutting carbon emissions. We’d get there before 2050 and have a much greater opportunity to preserve life on earth.

Rachel, Hertfordshire

‘Space Command’ is a Boy’s Own comic strip fantasy.

Steve, South London

What a ridiculous waste of money when people can’t afford to eat!

Kim, Suffolk

Spending on the environment is positive and urgent for the future of this country and the rest of the world. Funding on armaments is negative and destructive for the future of the country and toxic for the peoples of the world.

Pat, Aberdeenshire

As an ex-submariner, I say: scrap Trident and Space Command. Spend the money on a true Green New Deal.

Peter, Dorset



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