Bring back the full evictions ban

To: Michael Gove, housing secretary

Hundreds of thousands of people could be made homeless after the government introduced a sneaky loophole in the evictions ban.

Previously, any rent arrears built up during the course of the pandemic could not be used by landlords as a reason for eviction. That has changed.

Anyone who is six months behind with their rent can now face eviction, meaning that people who have lost their jobs during the pandemic are also at risk of losing their homes.

The charity Citizens Advice estimates that around half a million tenants are in arrears – many of those will now be facing an uncertain future because of the Goverment’s loophole.

As coronavirus surges again, we need to restore the evictions ban as it were and make it long lasting, for all renters, to lift this eviction threat from hundreds of thousands of people’s shoulders.

No one should be evicted until the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Highlighted comments

“I was homeless for many years. I can still remember the cold, the hunger and the soul-destroying despair.”

Dominic, Yorkshire

“It’s really important to protect the most vulnerable from being rendered homeless at a time when there is a global pandemic and existing critical shortage of affordable housing.”

Alison, Derbyshire

“Everyone needs a home, everyone should be entitled to a home. Removing people from their home through no reason of their own making reflects the moral bankruptcy of this government.”

Chris, Brighton

“I wouldn’t want to be one of the poor people facing this threat. I wonder which of our government ministers would volunteer to be in their shoes?”

Mary, Somerset



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