End the gravy train – clean up parliament

While MPs vote for children to go hungry, we are all still subsidising MPs’ food and drink – on top of their £82,000 salary, £3,000 pay rise, and generous expenses!

It’s time to end their gravy train. MPs must no longer be a “class apart”. They are supposed to be our representatives, not our rulers. They should live like the rest of us, not live in luxury on taxpayers’ money.

A charter to clean up parliament

  1. No more pay rises for politicians. MPs should receive an average worker’s wage only.
  2. Close all parliamentary bars and remove all subsidies from parliamentary restaurants.
  3. Abolish MPs’ expenses.
  4. Remove second home allowances – set up basic dormitory-style accommodation for MPs.
  5. Ban on gifts and free “hospitality” – any gift received must be returned.

Highlighted comments

I have three children still in school. We are managing on the absolute bare minimum. I miss meals regularly to make sure they are fed. Why are my taxes paying for people on £80K+?

Claire, Wakefield

Depriving children of meals during school holidays while awarding themselves a pay rise is really one step too far.

Fiona, Sussex

If the UK government can’t afford to feed the most underprivileged children in the UK, why should the UK people subsidise food and drink for the Government, or any other MPs?

Terry, Tyneside

Kids should be fed! MPs can pay their own way! They do not need subsidies.

Andy, Sheffield

Our MPs are out of control and have forgotten that they work for us.

Gillian, Bournemouth

No more freebies and perks for our “representatives” in Parliament! Being an MP means to provide a public service, it’s a duty and not a prize. It’s time our representatives earned what they’re given, and to stop treating the job like they’ve won a golden ticket to the country club.

Mark, North London

Why should they live as kings while we live as paupers?

Eleanor, Southampton

It is obscene that well-paid MPs receive meals subsidised by their low-paid constituents. MPs should live in the same world as the public and use the public services they influence such as education and transport. They should stay in very basic student-style housing when in London, not receive expenses to live in a way very far above that of the public.

Anjie, Devon

The contrast between the MPs’ subsidised dining room menu and the sheer coldheartenedness of voting not to provide free school meals is a massive scandal.

Sarah, Highlands

MPs are completely out of touch with the everyday concerns and stresses faced by the people they purport to represent. Removing their unnecessary perks (unnecessary when your basic salary is over £80,000) might remove this taxpayer-subsidised buffer.

Paul, Yorkshire

It’s disgusting that I’m paying tax so that someone who is on 4 times my wage can get cheaper meals. There are people really struggling in this country who should be getting the help they need.

Abigail, Blackburn

MPs should pay for their own lunch, like most of us. And why are they subsidised to drink alcohol when they are making decisions that are of national importance?

Jennifer, Worcestershire

Perhaps if some small thing affects them personally, the politicians might begin to understand the plight of the people they are hired to represent.

Felicity, Fife



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