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Condemn Trump’s coup attempt

Condemn Trump’s coup attempt

To: Boris Johnson

Donald Trump has falsely claimed to be the winner of the US presidential election – calling the real results a “fraud”.

He is now going to the Supreme Court to stop more ballots being counted, even though there are many millions left to count.

This is a coup attempt in the world’s only superpower.

Trump is brazenly lying, following a pre-scripted plan to claim vote fraud that he has been trailing for weeks. But this is no idle threat: he has filled the Supreme Court with his allies, and told violent militias to “stand by”.

The UK government must call him out, and stand up for democracy. Once the votes are counted, it must recognise as president the candidate who the voters have said is the legitimate winner.

Highlighted comments

“Donald Trump has no respect for the law. We must show that this country sees through his bluster and lies and offer moral support to our fellow human beings in America.”

Marilyn, Essex

“It was always a worry what Trump would do if he loses. Our government is far too complicit in appeasing powerful figures, and we need them to show some principle.”

Antony, London

“Many states’ laws don’t allow opening advance votes until the morning of the election, so it’s not viable to have them all counted on election night. Looking after democracy is important, so Trump needs to be held to account by other democracies.”

Sabrina, Glasgow

“The election is not over until all of the votes are counted, polling stations or mail votes. Otherwise, this is a coup in all but name.”

Richard, London

“Corruption in politics must be ended wherever it is, and this is blatant corruption threatening to destroy the democratic process.”

Steve, Dorset


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