Support Ukraine: Seize the Russian oligarchs’ wealth

To: Liz Truss, foreign secretary

Even as Russian bombs fall on Kyiv, the UK is still rolling out the red carpet for super-rich Russians with links to Putin.

They have become part of Britain’s elite, influential in business circles, arts and culture – and donated over £2 million to the Tories since 2019 alone. Few questioned the source of their wealth. The UK, with its ‘golden visa’ for sale to the super-rich, was a global capital for Russian money-launderers.

Now, with Russia invading Ukraine, the ‘London laundromat’ must finally end.

So far the UK has only sanctioned three Russian oligarchs, compared to almost 400 people targeted for sanctions by the EU.

It is time to seize the laundered cash that Putin’s allies have stashed in this country, including their webs of companies and their ownership of an estimated £1.5 billion of London property.

When Russia is launching a war in Europe, we must no longer ignore the pernicious influence of Russian oligarchs’ dirty money in Britain.



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