Demand decent pay at Deliveroo

Workers at Deliveroo are earning as little as £2 per hour – while the company's CEO is in line for a bumper £500 million payday. Deliveroo, pay your workers fairly!

Defend our protest rights

Stop the crackdown on protest in Priti Patel's #policingbill. Police chiefs have just shown they can't be trusted with these powers.

Cressida Dick must resign over vigil policing

The scenes of women being arrested at the #ClaphamCommon #ReclaimTheseStreets vigil for Sarah Everard are shocking – and shameful for the police. Cressida Dick, police commissioner, must resign.

Stop ‘Fox News UK’ – say no to right-wing news

A right wing news channel modelled on the notorious Fox News plans to launch in Britain. GB News, funded by shadowy Brexit backers, will exploit a loophole in broadcasting law. Close the loophole!

Keep the ban on bee-killing pesticides

Stop the UK government from killing bees by using Brexit to reintroduce pesticides that are banned in the EU – #SaveTheBees.

Make Philip Green pay up for Arcadia workers

Philip Green paid himself £1.2 billion from shopping empire Arcadia. Now it has gone bust, workers are left with a £350 million pensions black hole and risk losing their jobs. Green must be forced to pay back what he took.

Bring in a Living Wage sick pay for everyone

Statutory sick pay in the UK is scandalously low. It needs to be increased and extended to all workers, so nobody has to choose between paying their bills or risk passing on coronavirus.

Stop the pay freeze for key workers

Key workers have kept the country going through the pandemic – now the government plans a three-year pay freeze for them. Stop the pay freeze plan.

Fund climate action, not war

The government is spending £16 billion on an absurd Space Command, lasers, and other military fantasies – a day after pledging less than a quarter of that amount to fight climate change. Fund climate action, not war!

Dump Dido – end government cronyism

Dido Harding has failed to make the coronavirus test and trace service work – the latest in a long string of failures. It's time to #DumpDido, and stop appointing political cronies to important roles.

Make sure furlough never pays less than minimum wage

The furlough scheme has been extended – but more than two million people have been furloughed on less than minimum wage. Tell Rishi Sunak: fix furlough so it is never less than the minimum wage.

Protect homeless people during the lockdown

The government is leaving homeless people on the streets and at high risk during the second wave of coronavirus. We need emergency accommodation now.

Reinstate Jeremy Corbyn

Labour's elected executive reinstated Jeremy Corbyn, but Keir Starmer still won't let him sit as a Labour MP. With the government in crisis, this is no time for the Labour Party to turn on itself.

End the gravy train – clean up parliament

MPs are supposed to be our representatives - not our rulers. They need to live like the rest of us instead of a life in luxury on taxpayers' money. Sign our charter to clean up parliament.

Stop the Priti Camps – no offshore detention centres

Stop the #PritiCamps – the government must drop its plan for offshore refugee detention centres in Gibraltar or anywhere else.

Refund students’ rents

Students were told to go back to universities in September, yet treated appallingly when coronavirus outbreaks happened on campuses. Students are not cash cows - they should have their tuition fees and rents refunded immediately.

Take back Test and Trace from failing Serco

Serco has declared a £150 million profit after a bumper year of pandemic contracts – even though it has failed to deliver again and again. We need to bring coronavirus Test and Trace back in-house to the NHS.

Save the badgers

Badger culls are cruel, inhumane, and don't even achieve their own aim of helping to stop the spread of disease. This year's expanded badger cull should be scrapped immediately.

NHS workers need a pay rise

The proposed 1% pay rise for NHS workers is an insult. A year into the pandemic, health staff deserve a real pay rise. #nhspayrise

Bring back the full evictions ban

Hundreds of thousands of people could be made homeless because of a loophole in the evictions ban. No one should face eviction during a pandemic.

Introduce a Universal Basic Income

The fallout of coronavirus has shown that our means-tested benefits system is not fit for purpose - we need a universal basic income.

Fund vital domestic abuse services

Domestic violence has increased during the pandemic but charities are left struggling. It's time for the government to fund these vital services.

Bring the railways back into public ownership

Astronomically rising ticket prices, overcrowded carriages and train delays - the decision to privatise the railways was a massive failure and we should reverse it immediately.

Scrap Trident – no to nuclear weapons

The replacement of the UK’s nuclear weapons programme is immoral, expensive and a threat to human life. We should stop it immediately.