Stop GB News – say no to right‑wing news

For decades, Fox News has spread right-wing propaganda in the US. It backed Trump for president, and helped him incite violence last month.

Now a Fox News-style channel has launched in the UK. GB News, which started broadcasting in June 2021, has £60 million of funding from offshore funders and shadowy Brexit backers.

Already, the channel’s bosses are steeped in controversy. GB News was chaired by the Spectator’s Andrew Neil, who declared that EU supporters are “banned” from watching it. Sun columnist Dan Wootton is a presenter, and former UKIP leader Nigel Farage hosts a prime time show four evenings per week.

News should be unbiased and impartial – that’s not just our opinion, it’s UK law. GB News and others plan to use a loophole in broadcasting rules that allows “strongly opinionated coverage so long as viewers are exposed to alternative views”.

We need to close this loophole before biased media takes Britain down the same road as the US.

Find out what you can do to boycott GB News.

Highlighted comments

If news and journalism isn’t impartial then it’s propaganda, pure and simple. Allowing right wing propaganda channels will lead to our democracy being compromised, as happened in the US when the Capitol was attacked.

Frances, South London

We have our version of Trump and do not under any circumstances need the equivalent of Fox News to go with him.

Sarah, Bath

Fox News UK is a frightening prospect. In this world there is truth and there are lies told for power and profit. Truth is the basis of democracy. Lies destroy democracy.

Sandra, Hampshire

UK news must be unbiased and impartial. This law protects us from the disaster that has befallen the US – but Andrew Neil is explicit that GB News will be partisan.

David, Devon

We already have a government that lies automatically. We do not need a broadcaster to promote the views and lies of the Brexit backers and their moneyed chums, in their own interests – never ours.

Wendy, Northumberland



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