Claps don’t pay the bills: NHS workers need a pay rise

Claps don’t pay the bills: NHS workers need a pay rise

To Matt Hancock, health secretary

The people working in the NHS deserve more than just our clapping – we need to pay them properly for the vital work that they do.

Nurses, carers, cleaners and other healthcare workers are working flat out every day to keep hospitals running and save as many lives as they can, just as they are every single day when there is not a pandemic. 

Tragically, it is estimated that more than 600 NHS workers have died of coronavirus, and many more suffer from mental health problems after working throughout the pandemic.

But despite this, NHS workers don’t get rewarded with a corresponding salary. In fact, nursing salaries have fallen behind the cost of living for a decade.

It is about time we change that. A 15% pay rise would mean that nurses and other healthcare staff’s salaries are brought up to the level where it would have been, if they had not been given below-inflation pay rises since 2010.

All of us who live in the UK owe healthcare workers a huge debt of gratitude and we need to pay them in a way that will make a real difference in their lives: a substantial pay rise. 

Instead of clapping, please give them a pay rise. Clapping does not pay for food.

Shirley, West London

Years of capped pay rises make it almost impossible for NHS workers to have a fair standard of living.

Bob, Oxford

I used to work for the Health Service – the pay is dreadful, the conditions at work are dreadful. After the response of NHS staff to the Covid-19 disaster created by Johnson they deserve at least 15%. Thank you NHS.

Janet, North London

We have to value those who work for the good of society.

Christine, Bournemouth

NHS staff deserve a pay rise for all they do for the rest of the country.

James, Sussex

Nurses are long overdue a pay rise, particularly given the hard conditions, long hours and extra stress throughout the Covid pandemic, where their dedication has not faltered.

Deborah, Denbighshire


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