Stop the pay freeze for key workers

To: Rishi Sunak, chancellor

Key workers who have kept the country going through the pandemic will have their pay frozen for three years.

The public sector pay freeze is part of the chancellor’s spending review and means that millions of workers will get a pay cut, once you take inflation into account.

Yet these are the workers we have all been relying on during coronavirus. Mostly unable to work from home, they have kept vital services running.

This comes just a day after the government announced plans to spend £16 billion on a Space Force and laser weapons. These are incredibly skewed priorities.

NHS workers will be exempt from the plan, to prevent a backlash. But what about teachers, firefighters and so many other workers who keep this country ticking over? There must be no pay freeze for any of them.

Highlighted comments

MPs get a £3,000 pay rise and the public sector get nothing? Disgusting!

Andrew, Edinburgh

It’s these workers who have kept the country going this year. The government is out of touch with the public mood.

Jenny, Derbyshire

Teachers, police, fire personnel and other key workers have had to work extra hours for no extra pay during the pandemic. To not receive a pay rise is unfair. These roles have been underpaid due to austerity measures for years. They deserve a pay rise!

Sarah, Cheltenham

Their presence is literally life or death for many at this time of crisis. A 3 year pay freeze is like a kick in the teeth to those we rely on most. Do the morally right thing.

Hazel, Manchester

My son is a teacher. During the first lockdown he and his colleagues made 30,000 visors for NHS and care home staff when the government failed to provide adequate PPE.

Phyllis, Kent

Teachers who are currently risking their health to teach classes of 30 children without adequate protection rewarded by being given, in effect, a pay cut!

Sue, Yorkshire

As a public sector worker my pay is already down from years of pay freezes. The Tories are happy to hand out billions in corrupt deals. Why should we suffer?

Steve, Bedfordshire



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