No knighthood for Boris Johnson’s dad

Boris Johnson is trying to hand a knighthood to his own father Stanley Johnson. This absurd level of corruption cannot stand.

Johnson has nominated his father to become a ‘Sir’ as part of his resignation honours, the Times revealed. This is a list that outgoing prime ministers get to choose – but it is unprecedented to select their own family members.

Boris Johnson has a track record of nepotism in appointments, having previously put his brother and several close friends into the House of Lords.

Johnson senior is not the only terrible nomination on the list. It is also reported to include Johnson’s chief defender among MPs Nadine Dorries, and Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre.

Boris Johnson’s resignation honours list should be torn up – and politicians must stop being able to use the honours system as their personal plaything.

Highlighted comments

Why should a PM have an Honours List (especially a disgraced one)? If it has to exist he should only be able to make recommendations which have to be approved, never should you be able to give it to a relative.

Jo, Cornwall

Reeks of nepotism. Johnson senior has done nothing to make this country better, apart from leaving it.

Kay, Dover

No person who has the privilege of nominating people for the honours list should be allowed to include any members of his family. It makes a joke of the honours list.

Geraldine, West Sussex

Sick of the self-serving, corrupt ex-PM. This is not why knighthoods are awarded (and he knows it).

Beryl, Rochdale

A knighthood for what exactly? Total abuse of the system, however corrupt it already is. Beggars belief.

Elizabeth, Buckinghamshire

I don’t want to live in a country in which corruption and nepotism become the norm and are unchallenged.

Colin, Leeds



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