Respect international law

Respect international law

Victory! After months of our campaign, the government has pulled back its threat to break international law and threaten the Good Friday Agreement.

To: Boris Johnson, prime minister

The government is ramping up the threat of No Deal Brexit with its plan to openly break international law.

Boris Johnson is threatening peace in Northern Ireland by saying he’ll tear up his own withdrawal agreement with the EU, breaking not only his election promises but international treaty obligations. The government’s most senior lawyer has resigned over it.

Once again this government thinks there is one law for them, and one law for everyone else.

Breaking the withdrawal agreement in this way threatens border chaos, with the supply of food and medicines potentially being interrupted right in the middle of a coronavirus ‘second wave’. And it puts at risk the basic guarantees made last year on the rights of UK citizens living across the EU, and EU citizens living in the UK.

No one voted for No Deal, or the chaos that awaits us in 2021 after we crash out of the European Union.

The government must respect international law, stop the threats and work together with the EU to do a fair deal.

This campaign is a collaboration with Stay European.

“It’s absolutely reckless to do anything that might damage the hard won peace in Northern Ireland.”

David, Sussex

“We lose all chance of making other international agreements if our word can’t be trusted, bringing our country into disrepute and mockery.”

Natalie, Rushcliffe

“Vote Leave offered many forms of Brexit, including a Swiss-like status. Leaving with no deal wasn’t one of them.”

Eric, Winchester

“If we don’t stop this now, the government will break more laws in the future.”

Emma, Glasgow


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